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Be you. Look natural. Just be candid.

These are the phrases you will never hear us say to you as your photographers. However, these are the exact kind of images we want to capture of you and we know you want those types of images as well!

When you see that photo of a couple laughing in the field while wrapped in each other’s arms do you think “that is the photo I want of us! but….that couple just looks like that all the time and it’s easy for them to be natural. We aren’t like that.”

We totally get it! You want candid, natural, and raw images of you and your fiance. But how do you get those?

Well let us tell you something; unless you are a professional model, no one is just running through a field smiling at each other, and then all of a sudden their photographer appears with their camera in hand and takes a picture.

Candid photos happen through strategic and purposeful posing. It is our job, as your photographers, to get those images of you. It is actually one of our favorite parts of the job, to be honest. We create an environment and use poses to photograph you looking natural, genuine, raw, and authentic.

What Tara and Justin said about their session, “They made my husband and I feel so laid back throughout our shoot and the resulting images are some of our favorites that we’ve ever had taken!” 

We always start our session with a “normal” smiling at the camera pose. Why? Because it feels the most natural. You have smiled for a phone picture at an event or at a park. It’s normal. From there we ask you to hold hands and walk. Holding hands and walking is something that each and every couple has done in their day to day lives. It’s natural and candid. We warm you up into doing some really sweet, raw, and romantic images at some point and by the time we are asking you to do them you feel comfortable in front of our camera.

Strategic posing is what makes those candid and authentic images happen. We make those images happen for you! We can’t wait to capture the real you!


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