2013 we met online. Our conversations would consist of our mutual friends, family and the weddings we were shooting on the weekends. Yes, we have both been photographing weddings for more than ten years. 

2014 we started dating and drove back and forth between Fort Worth and San Antonio every weekend. On many of those weekends we were second shooting for each other.

2015 on June twenty sixth we were married in the beautiful hill country at sunset. It was the best day of our lives.

2016 we joined our photography businesses together and created Nate & Grace Photography

10 years of experience...

ou desire beauty without stress. Creativity combined with organization. We completely understand your dream because this was us our desire for our wedding in 2015. We know the high level stress that can build while planning your wedding day.

Your desire can be met now. We are here to give you creativity, celebration, beauty, and a personal experience as your wedding photographers.
With shooting 200+ weddings throughout 10 years of experience we were able to get to know couples exactly like you. They desire the timeless, romantic wedding images along with a confident photographer.

The unique value we are able to give to our couples as a husband and wife team is something we don’t take for granted. Two professionals, no amateurs, and a lot of experience.


Alison & Zach Read

We are so thankful to have worked with you both. You made everything run so efficiently, you take amazing photos and you were a pleasure to work with! 



Every anniversary we ask each other what we have learned about the other person in that year

We love visiting local breweries wherever we travel


We clean the kitchen every single night 



Our two boys, Travis & Austin are our favorite humans

Estes Park, Colorado is our favorite spot in this entire world


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Marriage. We value marriage. We value our marriage. We believe it is a life long commitment between two people who choose to love each other every day for the rest of their lives. We believe it is worth celebrating, worth working hard for, worth investing in, worth the every day choosing.

We have been deeply blessed by our marriage. Have there been rough times? Of course. Has it been worth working through those times? One hundred percent. We have created a life together, gone on adventures, started a family, and been so grateful for every bit of it. 

This is the heart behind our photography. We desire for you to look back at your wedding images to remember the love, the vows, and the moments. So that, during the hard times and the good times, you know it's all worth it.

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Wedding collections begin at $4500

We do offer custom collections for each and every one of our clients.
For more details on wedding collections and to find out more about a custom package, please contact us.


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