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Nate & Grace

We are Nate and Grace. A husband and wife wedding photography team. Before we got married we each had separate photography businesses. Our commonality of photography was actually a large contributing factor to the start of our relationship. We both had a passion for taking pictures and we were also slightly attracted to each other’s good looks. In June of 2015 we eagerly committed our love and lives to each other and have been happily married since! We continue to fall more in love with each other as each day passes and look forward to what our future has in store for us. We feel immensely blessed to have the opportunity to share our talents through our work. We would describe ourselves as down to earth, personal, and genuine. We love meeting new people, going on adventures, socializing, traveling, creating new memories, and exploring life together.


I am outgoing, easygoing and chill. I like my coffee black, staying up late, hot tub time with friends, a cold beer on a hot summer day, flying, health, fitness and if something has the word dangerous or risky associated with it - count me in. The outdoors (especially the mountains) captivate me. I also love learning new things. I feel as if I can never learn enough. This may be the reason for my overly large stack of books to read each year.


I am artistic and always have been! Ever since I purchased my first digital SLR camera when I was 15 years old I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life, be a photographer. I love everything arts and crafts, organizing, yoga and being out in the sunshine as much as I can. The Rocky Mountains are my second home and I love every chance I get to go on a long hike. It gives me life and energy to travel around the world with my best friend. Marrying Nathan Ballmann was the best decision I ever made. 

Our Photography

We have been photographers for over a decade. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life! The family, the friends, the tears laughs and smiles. And most importantly, committing your love and lives to each other. These moments are priceless. That’s why we believe the most meaningful and timeless decision you will make for your wedding is your photographer. Having gone through the wedding process ourselves, we are able to relate with our couples on a more genuine and personal level. We love this! This empowers us to create stunning images that will truly reflect who you are as a couple.... continue

Our Photography

One of our most popular and cherished compliments is that our couples feel comfortable and have fun during their photo session.Your story is unique to you and your fiancé, you should not be treated as ‘just another couple’ or ‘just another wedding’. Our goal is to provide you with high quality, photographs that tell your story, distinguished by a memorable experience to make your wedding day surpass your expectations! Serving where we can and genuinely striving to satisfy you helps us achieve that goal. We are passionate about providing you with a service as well as a physical and timeless memory of the most wonderful and beautiful day of your life, your wedding day.

Still our favorite day ever! Committing our love and lives to each other with our family and friends as witnesses was humbling to say the least. It was a wonderfully fun day with lots of dancing and the beautiful scenery of the Texas hill country. We absolutely love being married and we are always excited for the bride and groom of every wedding we photograph.  

our wedding

We both come from big families. We have lots brothers and sisters as well as nieces and nephews. We love each of them dearly. Even though they are scattered across the country we look forward to visiting them often. We love the lifelong memories, the crazy stories we share and the special comfort that only comes from family. 


Alaska, Mexico, Israel, Peru, Ecuador and places in Europe. Beaches to mountains. Local towns and cities in our very own state. We can never get enough of traveling! Whether it’s a 13 hour drive in the US or a 13 hour international flight.


With coffee being the second-most traded commodity in the whole world, we know our daily coffee drinking helps keep it that way. If you have a special coffee or a unique coffee shop that is your favorite, let us in on the secret and we will be insta-best-friends. For real. We love high quality coffee. Nate likes his black and Grace with a little cream and sugar. 


Of all the places we have traveled, Colorado is our go to. That’s why Nate chose to propose on the top of a mountain there. Grace obviously said yes. The absolute breathtaking views capture our hearts every time! We visit Estes Park in the summer and Silverthorne for some skiing in the winter.


Of all our favorite things. The most important to us is our faith in Jesus Christ. We trust and follow him to the best of our ability as well as strive to show His love to all we come in contact with. Our faith is the root of our character and serving Christ is our sole purpose in all that we do. 

our faith

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The Blog


- Andrea & Michael -

They make you feel as if you're just hanging out with a couple of friends!


Having that experience made everything about our upcoming wedding and lives together so much more real. I felt like I had fallen back in love all over again with my best friend.


- Kym & Jeff -


Nate and Grace did such an incredible job on our wedding and engagement pictures, they made everything fun and easy and were so great to work with! I could not be more impressed and am in love with my pictures!



- Angela & Jordan -

The Process

We would love to meet up with you and your fiancé for coffee, not only to become well acquainted, but to form a  new friendship. This is where telling your story starts. By getting to know you personally we are able to provide you with an exclusive experience that is tailored to you and your fiancé. We don’t just take pictures. We capture, document and tell your story through an easy, unique and fun experience.

Step 1

Let's get to know
each other!

Okay let’s celebrate! We just formed a new friendship. As your new friends, we would be honored to be chosen as your wedding photographers! Let’s reserve your wedding date and officially put it on the calendar. We will send you an online contract that you can review and sign at your convenience. Once your retainer is received you are formally one of the limited Nate and Grace couples!!! 

Step 2

Let's put it on the calendar

We know you will be wanting to send out those ‘save the date’ letters soon. So let’s schedule a date, time and beautiful place for your engagement session! If you don’t have a place in mind, don’t worry, we are experts at finding a location that fits each couple personally. Our couples say they arrived expecting it to be awkward but they actually had FUN during their engagement session!

Step 3


We want the wedding day to be enjoyable and relaxing for both the bride and the groom. One way we accomplish this is by keeping everyone on the same page via a wedding day photography timeline. This is a timeline we have tailored specifically to your wedding. We work with you and the other vendors involved in your wedding to make sure we are all on the same page. Everyone knows when they need to be dressed, where they need to be for photos and what time they need to be there. 

Step 4

Wedding Day

It’s FINALLY HERE! The biggest and most special day of your entire life! All the planning is done and it’s time to sit back, relax and soak in this perfect day. Your job is to be you and enjoy every minute. Our job is to capture and document this day that’s full of love, emotions and special moments. Nate is with the guys as they hangout and prepare while Grace is with the bride and her girls as they are having fun and getting ready. From the moment we arrive to the moment you leave we are letting our experience and expertise go to work. Serving you where we can and making sure your wedding day is a dream come true!

Step 5

The Wedding Day

We love to keep up with our couples. After your first 6 months or year of marriage we would love to go out on a double date for dinner or drinks. Or both. Being such a big part of the biggest day of your life holds a special place in our hearts. We continue to feel honored that you chose us to capture your love story.   

Step 7

Let's stay friends


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