How to Prioritize Time as a Couple

We are in a season where our time together is limited. Nate is a full-time chiropractic student while also being a wedding photographer. I am running a full-time business while also being a stay at home Mom to Travis, our sweet nine-month-old baby. Time is very limited to us as a couple. We honestly haven’t experienced this because for our first 5 years of marriage we worked from home and were always together!

Now we have to prioritize when we have time together. We don’t think we are the only ones so we wanted to share a few, small things that we are doing to have time together!


• On mornings that Nate doesn’t have an early class we have coffee together in our front room. Travis plays on the floor and we get to talk for 15-20 minutes. No, it’s not a long time but those few minutes are sweet.

• A few times a week we go on a short 20-30 minute family walk. Not every day, but those days we do are so special, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Fresh air does wonders!

• Something I am really working on is not scrolling on my phone when we are driving together somewhere. We are trying to take that time to either talk, listen to a book, podcast, or share new music together. Still working on this one but I know it’s so worth it!

• About once or twice a week we try to eat dinner at the dinner table and not in front of the TV. Again, it’s not every day but just a couple of times a week. Dinner doesn’t have to last an hour. It can literally be 25 minutes of us eating at the table with no distractions. It’s honestly nice to use the dining room and do something a little different. There’s so much I could say about sharing a meal together as friends and family but that will have to be a different blog post.

• We have never been good at date night. We know some of you are very good at this! You know who you are and can skip this one. Knowing we aren’t good at it we decided to not put pressure on ourselves and to have a date night every other month. Six times this year. You may choose once a month, every other week, or once a week. As long as it’s on the calendar it’s more likely to happen.

• We are planning a trip in 2021 to get away as a family. Whether it’s a staycation or we go across the ocean, we have always found that traveling together gives us a new appreciation for one another. We have so much fun, experience new things, eat new foods, and adventure a lot on our trips. We hope our trip works out and will share where it will be soon!

Nate and I hope that this year, in 2021, you are able to do the little things to prioritize your relationship with each other.


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