Have You Photographed at Our Venue Before?

There are many wedding venues with different and unique styles. All have beautiful locations for photos. We have photographed weddings at many of these venues over the past nine years. But we haven’t photographed at all of them. Some might think that could be a problem. What if you want us to be your wedding photographers but we have never shot at your wedding venue? Is this a problem?

We want to put your mind at ease and confidently tell you, we do not need to have previously photographed at your wedding venue in order for us to take beautiful images on your wedding day. Here’s why…As photographers, it is a creative and joyful part of our job to find the best location for your wedding images based on light, our style, your wedding style, the season, and the weather.


Here is what we do if we haven’t shot at your wedding venue.

• We research your wedding venue. Through Pinterest, Instagram, and the venue’s website we look through many photos to see the different locations that other photographers have used. Not to copy but to be inspired and see your venue through a photographer’s point of view.

• We arrive early at the venue to scope out locations. Each wedding day is in a different season and has different light. This is a major factor when we are deciding on the location for the wedding party, family portraits, and your couple photos. We take this into consideration as we are taking our time to scope out locations on your actual wedding day.

• In our wedding day questionnaire we ask you what locations, at your venue, are most meaningful to you. We know you chose your venue because of something specific and we want to do everything we can to use that in your wedding photos. Whether it’s an old oak tree, the city lights you see from the rooftop, or the chapel you’re getting married at, we want to know what location you truly love so we are able to capture that for you!

If we haven’t shot a wedding at your venue, we can’t wait to! It’s going to be beautiful and we will find all the beautiful locations for your wedding gallery!


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