Family Easter 2018



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Easter has always been a special time for our family. We have had years of traditions including: an egg hunt, an egg toss, delicious food and always beautiful decorations. We still go for an egg hunt as adults and there is a trophy that gets your name put on it when you win the egg toss. We have yet to get our name put on the trophy but our year is coming!

Now as special as Easter is, this year was even more special because we were not only celebrating our Risen Savior but our grandparent’s 80th birthday’s. Jim and Diane, my Grammy and PawPaw, have been married for 56 years and have lived for 80 years. They have built a legacy all around love and devotion to their God and to their family. These two were at every single ballet recital, basketball game and every veeeerry long track meet.

So, we honored and celebrated these two beautiful souls as a family on Easter. And it was perfect.


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