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Jaw dropping, breathtaking and heart-stopping are ways you could describe Corey and Katie’s wedding in Alaska. It was a down to earth hometown feel with the ceremony at the uncle’s lakehouse and the reception across the street in the front yard of the home where the groom was raised. We loved every single moment of this wedding. It was easy, chill and just down right FUN! Corey and Katie are absolutely adorable together. They are constantly making each other laugh and smile. We loved watching them interact with each other throughout the day.

66 degrees and a quick rain to leave that fresh mountain smell in the air. Everyone seated on beautiful wooden benches made at the uncle’s sawmill just for the occasion. A backdrop of the Alaskan mountain range and the lovely Memory Lake to set the mood, Corey and Katie devoted their lives and love to each other. This was definitely one of the breathtaking parts! Following the ceremony everyone made a short walk up a gravel road to the reception. I mean come on! It’s hard to go wrong throwing a party outside in ALASKA! Hanging cafe lights, beer and wine bar along with a Polaroid camera for guests. The party was off to a perfect start. One of the highlights of the reception was the crawfish boil. Tables with long wooden containers were filled with fresh steaming crawfish straight from the boiler. All the wedding guest gathered around the tables to start the cracking fest. I think you can imagine how fun this was by looking at some of the pictures capturing this moment. The backyard games and photo booth stayed busy all night! Grace and I may or may have not joined in a game or two of corn hole!

Later during the reception a campfire was started to create that cozy ‘at home feel’. And Grace and I definitely felt at home. Corey and Katie invited us right on over to that fire. Now you see why we like them so much! They are the sweetest couple. We ended the day down at the lake capturing a more intimate feel with Corey and Katie. Those quiet moments of taking portraits with just the bride and groom can be some of the sweetest. Away from the noise and excitement to realize you’re husband and wife is the perfect way to end the day. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of our 2017 wedding in Alaska. It blew us away.

Nate and Grace


  1. RainStormAK says:

    You did an amazing job capturing such an special couple on their important day. Thank you.

  2. Melissa says:

    Thank you for capturing the love of these two and our Alaskan Families!

  3. kitt jones says:

    Beautiful!! <3

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