Ashley || Fort Worth Botanic Gardens



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I feel like rain is a continuous story during all of spring! There’s always a rain story! Haha. But seriously…this shoot was a beautiful little miracle. It had literally been raining all day long. We had no other choice but to go ahead with the shoot because we were already pushing it with getting a print made for the wedding.

It was 6:45 when the rain stopped and our shoot began at 7:00. The hand of God was literally there with us. Because not only did the rain stop but the sun came out!!

When there are a few shoots with no sun my little photography heart sinks just a little bit. So when the sun came out we literally said “Follow the light!!”

Ashley was gorgeous and absolutely loved the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens! We can’t wait to share a little sneak peak of Colson and her wedding soon!


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