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Engagement is one of the best times of your relationship! But it also can be very difficult because let’s be real…the whole 6-12 months of that engagement is planning a wedding. 

Your wedding is important and we get there’s a lot to do.

But we believe your relationship during this time is more important! We want to help you have intentional, fun and amazing date nights together! There’s just one rule on these dates…

NO wedding talk. Nada. Zilch. None. 

These dates are all about you two having fun as a couple!

Location recommendations! 

Dallas: White Rock Lake
Fort Worth: Botanic Gardens
Austin: Zilker Park
San Antonio: Breckenridge Park

Picnic at the Park

There are so many beautiful parks in your area trust me! Whether your picnic is gouda cheese and summer sausage with a bottle of wine or In N’ Out with a Dr. Pepper take the time to be outside, enjoy the view and each other.

Turn off your cell phones, or better yet, leave them in the car! Stay till the sun goes all the way down and enjoy. 

Dancing Lessons

Ok, so I know this can get easily get into a “wedding” date but don’t let it! If it happens to help your dancing skills for the wedding than cool. But that’s no the point of this date! The point of this date is to learn something together! Ladies, don’t put pressure on your man to get it right. Because again, it’s not for the wedding, it’s for cultivating that excitement of learning something new together!

You can find dance lessons on Groupon for a great price! 

Re-do Your First Date! 

I was really excited to write about this one and really want to do it ourselves!

Even though we don’t agree when our first official date actually happened I will tell you the one that Nate thinks our first date was. We were in Granbury and went to a coffee shop and talked for hours. We wanted to stretch out legs so we went on a walk around town and ended up on the lake beach. When the sunset came we grabbed our cameras and Nate took pictures of me. We watched the light disappear off the water. Dinner was at a hibachi grillI in Granbury where we took our first selfie together! haha! It was perfect and I would love to re-do that date any day. (hint, hint babe ;)) 

So GO! Go out on a date and don’t talk about the wedding, honeymoon or anything. Just hang out before there was a wedding to plan. Ask each other deep questions, laugh your heads off, remanice on the dating days and have fun with each other! 


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