Kristi & Erik || Austin, TX



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From the first Face Time call we had with these two we knew we wanted to photograph their wedding! It was so easy to talk and laugh with them. We loved every part of their story!

Erik and Kristi chose Austin as their location for their engagement session because it’s where they met and dated so it obviously it has so many memories for them.

One of our favorite parts of engagement sessions is incorporating the couple’s story any way we can! So of course Nate and I were all in for a road trip to Austin! We started out at the capital and made our way down Congress to find some really fun Austin vibes!

Mount Bonnel was where Erik and Kristi had their first date! Super incredible first date if you ask me! So that’s where we went for the sunset and amazing photos. If you haven’t been there you need to go! The sunset was so romantic and perfect for this couple’s engagement photos


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