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The morning you are getting ready with your best girlfriends all around you is one of the sweetest times of your wedding day!

The bright light coming through the window, your favorite jams playing and champagne in everyones hands is the best way to start your wedding day. I love coming in and seeing beautiful girls getting their makeup done, laughing with each other and having a blast together.

There are some ways to make that morning even better which is what I want to give you today.

Here are some tips to make that morning the BEST, so much FUN and the most importantly RELAXED!

1 | If you are getting ready in a hotel be sure to choose a big enough room for your girls, make up artists and photographer. Being crammed is no fun.

2 | Be sure your hotel room has a big window to have that natural light streaming in to get those beautiful images and your makeup artists will appreciate it too.

3 | Keep your room clean! I know that sounded like your mom when you were 12 but for real! The worst thing for getting photos is to have trash, clothes and other things in the background. Keeping the room clean will help keep the pictures clean too and a clear room results in a clear (relaxed) mind!

4 | Have your girls wear a certain outfit or robe throughout the morning.
-Choose colors that go with your wedding style.
-Don’t choose a robe that is made of silk. It tends ti not photograph very well.
-YOU wear a white robe!
-Personalize the robes or outfits you choose with your girls initials or name. Great gift!
-Iron or steam the robes before putting them on to make it look the best.

5 | Have your favorite playlist going in the background to get everyone in the celebration mood!

6 | Mimosas are the best drink to have as you’re getting ready with you favorite girls and makes for some awesome photos!

7 | Bring a few snacks like fruit, nuts, and sandwiches so everyone is full and fed before all the festivities.

I can’t wait to see you and your girls laughing, making memories and having the time of your lives  on your wedding day!


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