Don’t Be Nervous In Front of the Camera!



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I get it. Having a camera in your face can be so nerve racking! I even get nervous before Nate and I have photos taken of us. You can feel awkward, you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing and you feel just plain uncomfortable!

How do people get those incredible pictures you see on Facebook and Instagram?

We here to help you as our bride and groom! We don’t want you to be nervous but to have FUN! Here are TWO tips to help you not feel awkward and get those candid images you see online.

1) Take time to relax before the photo shoot
On a wedding day you have more time to relax. But be sure to put yourself in that relaxing mindset when it comes to an hour or two before it’s portrait time. Take a sip of wine, put your feet up and just enjoy. If you’re scheduling your engagement shoot it would be best to plan it on a weekend. You will be able to have time to not only prep your pretty and handsome self but to take that time to relax before the shoot. So whether that’s reading, doing yoga, going for a walk or watching your favorite show on Netflix, do what you do to relax.

2)Trust your photographer! 
If you have hired a professional photographer that you enjoy being around then you will be as good as gold. They are professionals and professionals that you like! They know exactly what they need to do in order to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. If you have been on a photo shoot with us you know we try to talk for a little before we begin to get those butterflies at a low. Then we start out with basic poses and make our way into the more complicated poses as y’all loosen up and become comfortable with us and our cameras. Talking about engagement shoots is getting me so excited about all the ones we have coming up in the next few weeks!

Photo shoots can be SO much fun if you let them be. Apply these two tips, focus on the person you love the most in the whole wide world and have FUN!


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