Getting Over That Afternoon Lull!



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It’s 2pm, my eyes are heavy and honestly I am about to fall asleep. I have worked all morning and just got back from lunch. You know what happens after you have lunch? Food-coma. We’ve all experienced it and it is always so hard to get through it. As a small business owner you most likely work from home or by yourself in a rented space. It takes a lot self discipline and motivation to keep working…especially in the afternoon!

We want to help you by giving you three actions steps that my husband and I have found affective. We can all slowly make it through that long afternoon. But can you affectively and efficiently work through the afternoon? Here’s how you CAN!

1) Do something creative and inspiring
For Nate and I this is either playing the piano, stretching, playing the guitar, going for a short walk or cleaning the house. Anything that will get your brain focused on something else. This will help clear your mind and give you that new energy to get back to work.

2) Change your workspace
We like to switch up where we are working to help again, give us that energy. We go to a coffee shop in the afternoons or switch from working in the living to dining room. It just helps get you out of working at the same space for 8 hours.

3) Put on a different play list (more upbeat)
If you’re like us you live on music! We love pandora and Spotify and have them playing constantly. To help get you focused put on a different playlist than you have been listening to. Putting on my country playlist in the afternoon always puts a smile on my face and gets me going!

Find what works for you! The afternoons can be a struggle, but if you strive to figure out those action steps to give you a second wind then you can get so much more work done . And when you get more work done throughout your day then you have the sense of freedom to relax in the evenings with your family.

What works for you in the afternoons?!
We would love to hear about it and learn new ways to effectively work!


  1. Darren says:

    Brilliant. I’m going to start the coffee shop approach and playing drums

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