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Last week we talked about WHY you should have an engagement session. Now let’s talk about the where you should take your photos. Before you read these other ideas I want to encourage you to also ask your photographers opinion on location. They most likely know a few good spots here and there. With that said, this can be so much fun! A few couples have chosen locations that’s special to them, some other couples choose locations that fit the style of their wedding and some use the wedding venue that they are getting married at.

So let’s talk about the pros and cons of these options.

The Special Location to Y’all

Rochelle and Coleton chose a sweet spot in San Marcos for their shoot. They had spent many summer moments at this location together and it meant a lot to them. So of course I was thrilled to shoot their photos here. The one con to this is that you might not see some things that a photographer might see. It is a little more difficult to get certain photos because of the location. So you might want to ask your photographer to stop by the spot before the shoot to check it out and get an idea of the photo opportunities.

The Location that Matches Your Wedding Style

We went with Amanda and Ryan to the Babe’s Chicken Restaurant in Frisco, TX. At first I really questioned if we should take the photos at a restaurant but it turned out to be so cute! There were so many rustic and country backdrops. They are having a rustic and outdoor wedding and wanted their save the dates to match the style! One possible con to this is not having variety in your portraits. So if you like variety then if you’re having a modern wedding you could have an outdoor, rustic engagement photos.

The Location That is Your Venue

Dany and Diana were married at the Irving Convention Center. As most venues do they allowed us to use the building for some engagement photos. They turned out really fun to use the venue before the wedding. The photos went very much with their wedding because it was at the same location. The only con to this is that you have very similar engagement photos to your wedding photos. Which could be fun but if you, again, like variety choosing a different location could add that for you.

Whether you decide to shoot at a very specific spot that is special to you, think about the style of your wedding or shoot at your venue ask your photographer for their opinion! They have the knowledge and could have other locations that could be what you’re looking for. Next weeks blog is the big question of what to wear on your shoot! So stop by next Tuesday to find out!


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