Why You Should Have an Engagement Session Part 1



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“I’m already getting wedding photos. Why do I need to spend the time and money on engagement photos?”

Well I am sure glad you asked! In the past I have had many couples either not get engagement photos. Because of I have seen this over and over I want to provide for you just three reasons why you should have engagement photos and why you should have them done by your wedding photographer.

This is just part one of my Engagement Session Series so be sure to look out for a few more posts in the up coming weeks.

1) Fun

Not only do I leave an engagement session on a photographers high but the couple always leaves happy and energetic! Even the groom is surprised by how much fun it really was. During the shoot both you and I are relaxed, in comfortable clothes (at least more comfortable than your wedding attire) and ready to have fun. That’s the way it should be! Being engaged is such a fun time in your life! Take advantage of that and get some professional portraits done. Be creative with your props and things that are special to you to make it more enjoyable. Having photos that aren’t in your wedding dress and tux can be the images that truly reflect how you two are in daily life.

2) Practice

Oh I could write an entire book on the importance of this. This is a perfect time to establish a relationship with your wedding photographer. Because the more comfortable you are with your wedding photographer the more personal, genuine and beautiful your wedding images will be. It’s just the way it is. After the engagement shoot you and I will know how each other work. I will know y’all’s quirks, favorite poses, and what makes you two laugh. All of these things are important in getting those candid photos. Also, y’all will be professionals at posing after the engagement shoot. So at the wedding you can have an even more relaxed and fun time during your portraits.

3) Story

You are engaged. Let me say it again… you. are. engaged. AH! It’s so exciting! You’re planning! You’re registering! You’re looking for a place to live! You’re going to wedding showers! You’re getting married! This is an important, exciting and incredible time in your life! And I believe that all important events in your life should be photographed. So…take engagement photos! Document this time in your life! You won’t regret it.

Next weeks blog will answer your questions on where to take your engagement photos! So be sure to come back next Thursday.


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