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Annie is the perfect definition of a joyful bride. From the second she arrived at her bridal session, she was smiling because she was that excited to be there! Her bridals made her wedding day feel even more real. Her perfect low bun with elegant earrings accentuated the floral details on her dress.

The outline of her veil was literally perfect. We loved the fountain look that shaped the outline of her figure. Arlington Hall was so much fun to explore and photograph in. It had that garden park feel that was perfect for a bridal session.

Annie, you are a beautiful bride and we were honored to photograph this special time in your life.


  1. […] the way they walked, and the way Anthony looked at his bride to be were full of joy. Even during Annie’s bridal session at Arlington Hall, she kept saying “I’m so happy to be doing this! This is so much fun!” Their […]

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