Dallas Arboretum Engagement – Kimbell and Bib



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There was absolutely no chance of rain but when we parked it was most definitely raining. We had to borrow an umbrella and just pray it would stop at some point.

Of course, it did! Halfway through our session with Kimbell and Bib at the Dallas Arboretum, the rain stopped. But even if it hadn’t, these two had the greatest attitudes and were up for the fun clouds and fog look that the day brought us.

Bib was taking care of Kimbell so well throughout the entire session. Checking on her hair, wiping wet grass from her shoes, and smiling so genuinely at her during these images. Kimbell was rocking her incredible Zara white dress! Loved the classic look they went for.

This season at the Arboretum is absolutely gorgeous! The tulips were everywhere and in full bloom and the grass has never been greener! We loved this session and can’t wait will Kimbell and Bib’s wedding in October!


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