Cassidy & Britton’s Engagement Session at the Dallas Arboretum



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Oh my, oh my! Cassidy and Britton brought all the romance to their engagement session! From the elegant champagne popping to Cassidy’s gorgeous low-back dress. Everyone felt the love in the air as we explored the Dallas Arboretum together.

These two are all about class, Italy, celebrating, and pictures! A tradition they have together is to take a disposable camera with them on every trip or special occasion in their lives. They even brought one to their engagement session just for fun! How great is that? We are definitely stealing that idea for our own lives.

Their engagement session was actually cold, and cloudy and had a possibility of rain. But every time we asked Cassidy, “Are you cold? Are you ok?” all she replied with was “I am so happy! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here right now!” Britton just adores his future bride and was up for anything! What joy, energy, and excitement that attitude brought to their images. You can truly see the joy and romance in all of their images.

One of our favorite parts of the evening was when we had taken all the beautiful images, Cassidy and Britton stayed behind to have a sweet mini date while they finished their champagne. Their engagement session was a special occasion for them and they wanted to relish in that.

Your engagement session is not just to take pictures so you can have something on your save-the-date. It is a special time when you get to celebrate your current engagement and get even more excited about your upcoming marriage. It’s something to be celebrated at every moment you can. We are so happy Cassidy and Britton decided to do this. We seriously can’t wait till their wedding in 2023!


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