Kaitlin and Chris’s Wedding at The Brooks at Weatherford



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October is truly a wonderful time to get married. Kaitlin and Chris had the most beautiful day! The sun was shining and there was such a perfect breeze. We love all the warm colors that they chose for their day. The maroons, oranges, and light pinks went perfectly together. But to be honest, the warmth and love were felt the most by all their friends and family there. So many people traveled in to celebrate them. It was amazing.

Chris absolutely loved seeing Kaitlin in her dress for the first time! His words were “this is literally the most amazing dress I have ever seen!” The fun part is that Kaitlin had never seen the tailored suit Chris was wearing. So it was a surprise for both of them!

It was an honor to be a part of this sweet day for Chris and Kaitlin!


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