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I remember purchasing the first canvases of us back in 2015. They were all black and white photos from a shoot we did in Colorado in the summer of 2014. My brother and sister-in-law took them of us in the beautiful mountains. This vacation was a really special one because it was the first time we went to Colorado together. And if you didn’t know, we LOVE Colorado. Like,

really really love Colorado. It is where Nate proposed, where we told my family about being pregnant with Travis, the place we vacationed at 3 times in one year. We love Colorado and at least go once a year. So, these three canvases are really special ones. They have followed us in every home we have ever been in and will always be images we cherish. I imagine our kids looking at these images of when “mommy and daddy” were 20 and 25 exploring Colorado together.

Printing your images, putting them on a canvas, and mounting them on the wall is simple but important. This is why we offer canvas as an add on in our collections. We want you to print those images that are special to you for you to see daily. You can choose a  favorite candid image from your engagement session, or a whimsical bridal portrait, or maybe that favorite portrait from your wedding day. These are all worthy images to have on your wall and we want to help you put them there.

If we have ever been your photographer and you’re interested in ordering a canvas, send us an email at
hello@nateandgrace.com and we would be happy to order one for you and have it sent to your home.


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