Engagement Session Tips

You have chosen us as your wedding photographers and we can’t wait to take pictures of you two! The first experience you have with us in front of our cameras is your engagement session. We are so excited about this.

We know you are probably feeling a few different emotions as you get closer to the date. You’re thrilled, nervous, looking forward to it, nervous, choosing your beautiful outfits, but really nervous! We totally get it. Getting your engagement photos taken is something to look forward to but also a little nerve-wracking. We wanted to give you a few tips to help put your mind at ease before you arrive at your session with us.

1) Know that you’re not the only couple to feel nervous before their engagement session! Every single one of our couples, even the ones who had photoshoots before, are a little tense when they first arrive. We know how you feel believe it or not. When we arrived at our engagement session back in 2015 we just had an argument (about our outfits) and were definitely tense beforehand. We also had no idea what to do with ourselves, even though we told people how to pose for a living. It’s different being on the other end of the camera. Our photographer was so sweet though and we had an absolute blast! Some of our favorite images of Nate and I are from that day. So! It’s ok to feel nervous. They will soon go away and the next tip will help them go away…

2) You only have one job for the hour of your engagement session. Focus on your loved one. Hug them. Kiss them. Snuggle them. Hold them. Make them laugh. Tell them you love them. Look at them for longer than 2 seconds. That’s all you have to do. Focus on that person you are going to marry. The person you love the most in the entire world. Do that, and you will love your engagement session.

3) Trust that we will pose, guide, and help you! We are never going to tell you to look natural. We will never tell you to just be yourself. What do those sentences even mean?! We will guide you into a candid pose. We will ask you to hold hands and walk, to look at each other and lean in for a gentle kiss, to lean your head on his shoulder and close your eyes…and all the other sweet things to create beautiful engagement photos.

Not only will we create beautiful images but we will also have so much fun together! We can not wait to see you and take your engagement photos!


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