What To Do When You Have No Motivation



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We’re all going a little stir crazy by this time. Almost two weeks at home and you are at the point where you’re waking up and feeling no motivation to do anything.

Even though we have a million resources for “at home workouts” and all the online courses and thousands of recipes we could try we just don’t feel like doing them.

Before this whole COVID-19 thing, I actually struggled (and continue to struggle) with this issue. I would wake up too many times a year and feel no desire, drive or motivation to do anything that day. Like I hit a wall and I couldn’t get past it.

Over the past 7 years of working from home, I have found some ways that really help me get me through these days of feeling “blah”. Since we all might be getting to that point I thought I’d share those things with you today!

– Embrace the fact that you’re feeling this way and say “it’s ok.” But don’t stay feeling like this.
– Do something that brings you peace. Don’t do something that you think might motivate you. Peace lasts longer than motivation.
– Put some clothes on! But for real. Even if it’s changing from one t-shirt to another t-shirt. It helps to get ready for the day.
– Start doing and let the motivation come after. It’s amazing how it works but it totally does! Most of the time we just need to make ourselves do the one small thing like opening up your computer to get going. Then after a little bit, the motivation and drive come.

Hope this is helpful as we are all learning to live a different kind of life right now! You’ve got this!


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