When Cesar Proposed to Morgan | White Rock Lake | Dallas, Texas



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Cesar contacted us asking if we were available to photograph when he proposed to Morgan. We responded so quickly with a “YES!” Photographing a proposal has been on our list. And let us tell you we want it to always be on the list. What an incredibly fun shoot!

When we met up with him a week before he planned to propose he told us what he had in mind. We planned it out to where they would come to the park and go to the dock on the right side. He even knew the exact angle to be at for the best lighting. We would be hiding in the bushes ready, with our zoom lens, to capture the moment he kneeled down to ask her to marry him.

Not going to lie, when we saw them walking up we felt all the nerves and excitement! Can we please do this more often?! Morgan was so surprised and obviously said YES! It was the sweetest moment and we loved being there to capture it all! Not only were we able to photograph the proposal but we also photographed their engagement photos right then and there!

Photographing a couple right after they got engaged was one high energy photo shoot. They couldn’t smiling!! It was the best.

Cesar and Morgan, y’all are one precious couple and congratulations on going from boyfriend and girlfriend to fiancés. Next up, husband and wife!!


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