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It was on our 2016 Fall Road Trip that we saw one of the most amazing sites in this whole world. The Grand Canyon and Horse Shoe Bend.

We camped in the Glen Canyon at Lees Ferry Campground. When we decided on this camp site we had no idea how amazing it was going to be. We started driving into this red canyon and were speechless at the beauty. And we go to camp here! The sound of the roaring river flowing while we cooked up our dinner over the fire and watched the milky way was a memory I will never forget. We definitely want to go back!

It was chilly early the next morning. But our warm coffee was comforting as we took a walk down to the river.

Grand Canyon

When we arrived at the first look out it was FREEZING! Windy, cold and about to rain. But when you look out on that magnificent sight you forget about the weather. We sat their thinking how incredible this place that our God created was. The length, height and depth of the Grand Canyon can not be described. You just have to go see it for yourself.

We thought about hiking down to the bottom but after hearing from some (very tired) passing travelers that it was 8 hours down we decided to save that trip for another time. 🙂

Horse Shoe Bend

We didn’t have a lens that could get the whole thing but let me tell you what is the most amazing site we have ever seen is. Horse Shoe Bend. You were able to see the magnitude of this turn in the river and cut out of a rock. You can’t even tell how enormous this is in the picture. Again, you need to go see it for yourself!

I mean you have to put your hat backwards to get that perfect shot! These two were so cute. Right after he took her picture she got up and he sat down in the same spot and posed for her.

He is the sweetest! There were a lot of people there so we stayed until sunset to have some quiet time. We were one of the last ones to walk up to our car. We honestly didn’t want to leave!! Our dream would be to have an adventurous bride and groom get married here and take their portraits with this incredible background! Who’s up for a little road trip?!? 😀

One piece of advice we have for couples is to go travel! Get in your car and just drive. You can go anywhere and see everything if you just go. Be adventurous, do something crazy and be with the people you love as you see new and grand (see what I did there ;)) things! You will never ever regret traveling with each other. It will make for some of your best memories adventuring together!

Where was your favorite place you have traveled with your love?? We would love some ideas of where to go next!


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