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Hey guys! I’m so thrilled I finally have the opportunity to introduce myself in a blog post! My name is Nathan, though I go by Nate. I am happily married to the beautiful girl that writes all the other blog posts for Grace Anne Photography. Grace! 😉

I am crazy in love with her and we have the hardest time working together! Not because we can’t stand working with each other, like most people would think. It’s because we somehow always end up cuddling on the couch instead of working. I couldn’t imagine going through life with anyone but my Grace Anne.

We are both incredibly passionate about what we do and why we do it. Why did we chose to photograph weddings you may ask? We aren’t photographers just because we like to take awesome pictures. Although that’s definitely a perk, our passion is to cultivate an environment through which we can build genuine and personal relationships. Relationships that not only allow us to accurately tell your story through our lens but also win your respect and friendship through our genuine investment in you.

This brings me to the reason for this post.

How to Thank your Wedding Vendor
There are lots of ways you can thank those that served or helped serve you on your wedding day. Thank you cards, gift cards, gift baskets, thank you text or emails. BUT! There is one way that trumps all! (I bet you thought of Donald Trump). The way to thank your vendors that is most appreciated is through public reviews. Whether that review is on the vendor’s website, Facebook business page, Weddingwire or The Knot. A kind and thoughtful review that is public online is like thanking your vendor in front of a massive audience. In a world where over 90% of brides go online for wedding inspiration, a short, thoughtful review is worth more to your vendor than can be expressed in words. Public reviews as such, energize and put a smile on the face of your vendors as well as help other couples down the road make informed decisions that will make their wedding day just as they are dreaming it to be.


  1. Hi, my name is, Nate
  2. I love Grace
  3. We GENUINELY care about our clients
  4. The word trump makes you think of Donald Trump
  5. The best way to say thank you to your wedding vendors is to leave them kind and thoughtful reviews

Looking forward to much more interaction with you in the future!


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