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You’re engaged!!!! Congratulations!

Now you get to plan that wedding you have been dreaming of since you were little.

But where do you even start? Florist? Dress? Photographer?

Wedding planning is a big deal! I would love to help you with the beginning of the planning process.

Here are the first 3 things you need to do for your wedding.

1. Choose a Date
The very first item on the list is to pick a wedding date. You want to choose a date first because when you start inquiring about vendors availability the first thing we need to know is if we have your wedding date available. Choose the date based on how long you want to be engaged and the season you want to get married in.

2. Guest List
This can be the most tedious tasks of wedding planning. At least it was for our 580 guests we ended up inviting to our wedding! Whether you’re having an intimate wedding or a large wedding like us, you need to put together the list. This will help determine what type of venue and wedding you will have.

3. Inquire about Photographers and Venues.
After you have chosen your date and the approximate size of your wedding you can now begin the fun things! Your photographer and venue are the ones who are the most important vendors to choose first and here’s why. They book up fast! Venues and photographers can be booked a year in advance. So if you really want a certain vendors, your wedding date is in October and it’s 6 months away, your venue and/or photographer might be booked on your date. So be sure to secure those two first!

Bonus: You’re also going to want to go dress shopping! Not only because it’s an absolute dream and you get to spend a day trying on gorgeous white gowns. But because wedding dresses can take months to get shipped to you and if you need alterations then that’s going to be an extra few weeks on top of that. So don’t wait last minute to choose your wedding dress.

YAY! You’ve got those things done and you can now do all the fun little details of your wedding! Go Pinterest away! OH and if you want some helpful tips on how to use Pinterest for your wedding go to THIS LINK and you can watch a short video I created for you on that specific topic!


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