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It had been raining all week long and there was a forty percent chance it was going to rain that evening. But we didn’t have any other day to have this bridal shoot. So we decided to risk it and have the shoot anyway.

I am so happy we did because this bridal shoot was absolutely perfect! Not only did she pull off a gorgeous flower crow,¬†Moriah’s smile was so contagious. Her ability to know what I wanted in an image before I even said anything was amazing! I have to mention the beautiful venue we were at. The Winfield Inn had so much character with their 100+ year old white home and 27 acres. Yeah, we had so many options for the portraits.

I can’t wait to show you her and Skylar’s wedding images from this past weekend at The Winfield Inn. But for now, here are the beautiful bridal images of Moriah!


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