What To Wear On Your Engagement Session || Part 3



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You walk into your closet and all of a sudden every piece of clothing you have could never be good enough for pictures. Not only that but nothing matches with your fiancé’s clothes either! Trust me, I know the process because I’ve been through it too.

Because this process can be so difficult I wanted to give you three tips and things to think about as you’re choosing that perfect outfit for your engagement session. They will help narrow down some clothing items.

1) Design

This topic is a big deal when it comes to the images turning out the best. There are a few patterns you really want to stay away from when choosing your outfits. Small stripes that are close together can cause some weird look in an image. Also, polka dots just aren’t the best. The dots can take a lot of attention and again gives a weird look to the image because of the size and shape. Solids are honestly the best way to go. They never fail at looking clean and put together and wont’ mess up the image in any way.

2) Color

Color is a huge deal! There are just some key colors to stay far away from. Red and hot pink are the biggest ones. When you wear red and the photographer goes to edit the image the red is very very high contrasted and can look way too edited. And those colors can again, take away from the image. I have found that neutral colors are the best. Whites, grey, creams, black and muted greens and blues are just beautiful. Also, don’t get too matchy with your fiancé but do be complimentary with your colors. That’s why I truly love neutral colors, they all go together.

3) Comfort

You’re nervous about your engagement session and want to look your best. That is what everyone else is feeling right before their session too! But before you buy that shirt that isn’t necessarily you or your style, or those shoes that are way too uncomfortable but look pretty, listen to this. You need to be comfortable. Not like sweat pants and old t-shirt comfortable, but you comfortable. Clothing and outfits that reflect you and your fiancé and make you feel confident and comfortable are the best outfits you can wear. If you’re uncomfortable it will most definitely show in the image. But when you’re wearing something that is so you then it is one less thing to think about so you can focus on your fiancé. 🙂

Bonus Tip!

Don’t forget to wear your smile! Wow, that couldn’t have come out any cheesier. But it’s kind of true. Don’t let this get too stressful! Because if you’re stressed and not having fun the pictures won’t turn out how you want them. Engagement sessions need to be a fun experience. You get to be in the arms of the one you love most and smile and laugh and giggle and have a blast! So yeah…don’t forget to wear your smile. 🙂

I hope that this has helped you and makes your engagement session experience that much more fun!


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