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You have spent months planning, planning and planning. You spent late nights scrolling through Pinterest. You have your notebook full of different contracts, color swatches and magazine clippings. Your brain is full of so many details it’s about to explode. You have all those last minute projects before the day arrives and you are feeling stressed. I want you to do something for me.

Put that notebook down. Close Pinterest and your computer. Put those little crafts away. And relax.

To help you ladies and gentlemen out I have put together a suggested Week of Wedding Timeline together for you. Of course this isn’t exactly how it needs to look because every wedding is different. So feel free to fill in your own activities that relax you. I know there are wedding projects to do and don’t worry, we are going to fit that in! But don’t let the littlest of details take up all your time. At this point it’s done and all that matters is enjoying friends, family and the person you will spend the rest of your life with 🙂

This can be an amazing week if you make it one. Whether you’re working or you get the whole week off you can still do these fun, relaxing and memorable activities. Because if you don’t you will run the risk of  being stressed and not savoring or remembering such an important week of your life.

The only day I want to expand on is Date Night. It is the most important day of all for the week of your wedding. This whole week is about you and your future spouse. So go out on a fun date before the business of the wedding. You have one rule when you go on date night, do not talk about the wedding! Very, very important. Just go on a date to enjoy each other and soak everything in.

If you have any other ideas please let other brides know by posting them in the comments below!


  1. Megan Allen says:

    I love this. Can’t wait until November to see you and have the wedding

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