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Y’all I know what you go through now! I was actually nervous to be on the other side of the camera! And I honestly do not know why. We know how to take pictures right? Well we know how to take them but do we know how to be when that lens is pointed at us?! We would soon find out.

Lindsay from Lindsay Davenport Photography was our wonderful photographer for this shoot. I have loved her work and through looking at her Instagram page I really liked her!  Iwas really looking forward to meet Lindsay in person! I soon realized I had nothing to be nervous about. Lindsay was SO good at posing us, making us feel natural and making the whole experience fun!

We couldn’t have been more happy with the results of the photos!

I wanted to share two things that I learned from being the subject of a photo shoot. I hope that this encourages you to one, be yourself on a photo shoot and to document your life with professional photos.


1- Truly Be Yourself

I found that the best photos was of Nate and I really focusing on each other and not the photographer. We laughed, hugged, kissed and just had fun with each other! Those always turn out to be the most natural and favorite photos. Posing for me are guidelines not rules. So during my photo shoots with my clients I give suggestions. But if you really want to kiss your man then give him a kiss! If you love laying your head on his shoulder then do that! Being the couple you usually are in front of the camera is the best way to truly capture y’all! It really makes it more comfortable for you to just be yourself!


2- Document Your Life

We are coming up to our one year anniversary. Crazy to even think about! That was one of the reasons we wanted to do this photo shoot. To document our lives together with beautiful photos. Yes we have Iphone photos documenting us. But we wanted images that were true art and told our story in a beautiful and high quality way. We also wanted photos that wouldn’t get lost in the sea our Iphone photo streams. After looking through these photos I thought of how much fun it is going to be to look back in ten years and reminisce on all the memories we made our first year of marriage. I thought how special it’s going to be to have our kids look through these photos of mom and dad when they were so young. I thought how in generations to come they will look back at these photos and see their great great grandparents in their twenties in the year 2016. And they get to see these because we decided to have our lives photographed and documented. How cool is that?


It was an incredibly fun experience and I want to say thank you to Lindsay for capturing us as a couple so perfectly.

We will treasure these photos forever and ever.


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